Superior Air Duct Cleaning Services in Greater Toronto Area.

Dust Chasers Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is a system of cleaning air vents and or duct work to remove the dust and dirt which can turn out to be dangerous for both mental and bodily distress. There are some of air duct cleaning companies who do not contain adequate cleaning equipment and components and they utilize out dated techniques for air duct cleaning. So in order to avoid such air duct cleaning companies approaching towards you, you need to conduct web search and homework for identifying the best duct cleaning company in both cost effective and performance aspects. The air duct cleaning does appear similar in outlook and graphics as the other cleaning agents but it varies in its efficiency, performance and cost.

Dust Chasers

At Dust Chasers quality air duct cleaning services and HVAC hygiene, We are proud to announce that all of our lead technicians hold a valid G2 Gas license issued by TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority). Along with the purchase of every air duct cleaning service you will get a complimentary 8 point inspection of all your HVAC equipment. To ensure your equipment are working safely and efficiently.

Feel free to visit our HomeStars page to read some of the reviews submitted by some of our loyal clients.

Dust Chasers

Dust Chasers quality air duct cleaning services and HVAC hygiene does not engage in unsolicited telemarketing practices, nor do we employ any outside agents to do so on our behalf. If you receive any unsolicited phone offers for air duct cleaning services from individuals claiming to be affiliated with, or employed by Dust Chasers do not hesitate to Contact Us!


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