Baby on the way? How is the Indoor Air Quality?

We talk a lot here on the Dust Chasers Blog about Indoor Air Quality and the chemicals

Baby on the way? How is the Indoor Air Quality?

And other contaminants that enter homes, as a matter of fact I received a phone call
To find out that my sister is expecting her very first child! I am about to become an uncle
So this actually got me thinking about the relation between Indoor Air Quality and infants!.
So I did a little research and this is what I decided to share with you:
and adults so basically they are
The most vulnerable  to contaminants in their environment. Believe it or not they also
Have the most rapidly developing nervous systems and are at more risk for lifelong
Damage by dangerous substances like dust!
I came across an experiment done by Good Morning America, they decided to carry out an experiment based on this premise. They put together a baby nursery with brand-new crib, changing table, rocker, and other decorations, waited seven days and then tested the air. Their results were shocking!

300 chemicals were found in the nursery air. Only two of those chemicals were found in the outside air at the house. The rocker was giving off 7 times the California recommended limit of formaldehyde. The paint on the walls off-gassed 5 times the recommended limit of volatile organic compounds.

The worst offender was the crib mattress, which exuded over 100 different chemical compounds. Now, I know many babies don’t sleep well, but is that what you want them breathing when they do?

So here is what GMA recommends to reduce the level of Indoor Air Polution:
Only buy products certified to have low emissions. (Like a Green Label Plus on carpeting).
Hand-Me-Downs: Believe it or not older used cribs are a much better option in terms
Of air pollution, rather than buying a brand new crib! Unless it has been recently refinished!

Baby Nursery
Some times hand me downs are a way better option in terms of Indoor Air Quality!

UN-BOX OUTSIDE: When the brand new furniture arrives, unbox it outside and let it sit
For a week to let the gases dissipate before you bring it into the nursery.
PAINT EARLY AND WITH THE WINDOWS OPEN: You should let the volatile organic compounds
In paint come out and proceed to the outdoors before you bring in any furniture,textiles or carpets.
Anything porous can and will absorb the chemicals and keep them in your environment!

Always consult with an Air Duct Cleaning company for all your Indoor Air Quality needs.

If you live in Toronto-Ontario and you need Duct Cleaning call us toll free at 1855-687-3878.

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