Important Tips for HVAC System Maintenance

Important tips for HVAC system maintenance:

Maintenance on HVAC equipment
Keep up with the maintenance on HVAC equipment.

HVAC systems are one of the most important components in a building, not to mention purchasing a brand new

Furnace and AC could cost more than a lot of cars we see out there on the road, A simple

Breakdown due to maintenance issues could be costly and time consuming, Who wants

To wake up in the middle of night shivering only to find out the furnace has stopped working,

Just like how you do oil-change on your vehicle, HVAC systems require annual maintenance/cleaning,

To keep them running efficiently and to keep the manufacturers warranty.

Keep in mind that providing the proper maintenance for the HVAC system will help increase the life

Of the equipment, it will also lower the building`s utility costs and most importantly improve Indoor Air Quality.

Tips for HVAC Maintenance:

Choose a proper High Quality Filter:

Furnace Filter
When Purchasing a Filter Always Look For M.E.R.V Rating.

Choosing the right air filter for your HVAC system can and will improve Indoor Air Quality of your home, simply by removing large quantities of harmful air pollutants from the air you breathe, keep in mind that you should purchase the right filter with the proper MERV rating (Minimal Efficiency Rating Value), Choosing the right type of filter depends on your house really, whether there is some one suffering from Allergies in your home or if you got pets, there are whole different variety of air filters to help you improve Indoor Air Quality.

When purchasing a new air filter make sure you are buying the right size, buying the wrong size of air filter will damage your HVAC system and it could lead to costly repairs.

Replace Air Filters On Schedule:

Important Tips For HVAC System Maintenance
Air filters get clogged with dust, dirt and debris over time

Whether you are using a washable air filter or a disposable one, make sure you keep up with the cleaning or changing the filter on regular basis, if you are using a washable filter it is recommended to get it cleaned once every two month, if you are rinsing the washable air filter make sure you have a back up filter so you could insert it in the filter rack while your washable filter is drying up.If you are using disposable air filters make sure to always read the package where it recommends how often to change the air filter.

Air filters get clogged with dust, dirt and debris over time. (Really depending on the house hold).

 Perform Annual Inspection/Maintenance on both Furnace and AC:

There are various maintenance items that should be performed annually on HVAC equipment, Routine scheduled maintenance includes, cleaning, tune-ups, inspections, adjustments and treatments, it is best to contact an Indoor Air Quality Specialist to send you a trained licensed Gas technician to ensure that all maintenance needs are addressed and accomplished correctly.

Clean Air Ducts Regularly:

Dust and Debris can build up inside the air ducts and all other parts of HVAC system, It will cause a reduction in airflow and could also cost you more on your utility bills, and most importantly it is the air you breathe, the problem here is that you do not actually see what is going on inside your air ducts, if you need to hire an Indoor Air Quality Specialist to help you improve Indoor Air Quality, feel free to contact us, Dust Chasers performs superior Air Duct Cleaning in Toronto-Ontario-Canada.For more information click here Duct Cleaning Toronto

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