6 Tips To Have In Mind if Dealing With a Child With Asthma

Child With Asthma?Children With Asthma
If you are dealing with a child with Asthma, You would want to do anything and everything to prevent Asthma symptoms from occurring. Keep in mind that a severe attack can result in hospitalization and a significant recovery time.
It is unfortunate that Asthma can`t be cured, that is why it is very important for parents to have a solid plan to minimize symptoms, One important part of this lies with making sure that children suffering from Asthma have a sleeping area designed to minimize exposure to symptom triggers.

Probably the most important tip is to wash Bedding and Pillows thoroughly using the washing directions provided by the manufacturer (Placed on the tags).

Bedding Tag
Always Read The Tag and Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions.

Contrary to popular belief, it is very important to wash the bedding that has been recently
Purchased as almost all companies spray their products with chemicals before sending them out to stores to protect them from Mold, pests and bacteria.
Here are additional 5 tips to prevent Asthma symptoms from occurring:

• If the child likes to have stuffed toys in their crib or sleeping area, these should be washed on regular basis.
• Cover Box spring and Mattress with Protective Cover to prevent Allergens from coming through the covering
• Using a Dust Capturing Product, Dust the furniture in the room .
• If you notice a lot of dust in your home you might want to consider Duct Cleaning.
• Always consult with an Indoor Air Quality specialist.

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