What Are Volatile Organic Compounds?

Volatile Organic Compounds are Organic Chemicals that have a high Vapor Pressure, They can contribute to Cancer,Liver Damage…


Have You Ever Walked Into A Building And Felt Sick?

Sick Building Syndrome is a real condition!
It is very difficult to diagnose and sometimes believed to be Biological and chemical contaminants
And gases in a building that can cause health problems after visiting a building!

How To Identify A “Fly-By-Night” Air Duct Cleaning Company!

Here at Dust Chasers Blog , we often write about anything and everything related to Indoor Air Quality, we receive phone calls on daily basis from confused clients who simply Google, Air Duct Cleaning (Or using other search engines) hoping to find a reputable Air Duct Cleaning company who would actually deliver what they promise!… Continue reading How To Identify A “Fly-By-Night” Air Duct Cleaning Company!