How To Identify A “Fly-By-Night” Air Duct Cleaning Company!

Here at Dust Chasers Blog , we often write about anything and everything related to Indoor Air Quality, we receive phone calls on daily basis from confused clients who simply Google, Air Duct Cleaning (Or using other search engines) hoping to find a reputable Air Duct Cleaning company who would actually deliver what they promise! What I have realized after working as an Indoor Air Quality Technician for over 8 years is that majority of the people do not mind spending the money to get the job done by a proper Air Duct Cleaning company, after all it is about the air you and your family breathe.

If you are in the market to Improve Indoor Air Quality , there are couple of things you should look for:

• First off do not jump the gun! If your house is 20 years old and the Air Ducts have never been cleaned I`m sure you could wait another week!

•Find a few reputable Air Duct Cleaning Companies online, write down their phone numbers and call them all!

•Ask them if they are sending you employees or sub-contractors, If they are sending you sub-contractors it is a red flag so move on to the next Air Duct Cleaning company.

•Ask the if they are sending you a TSSA Licensed Gas Technician, 99% of the time if they are not sending you a licensed Gas Fitter , they`ll try to talk you into how a Gas License is not needed for Air Duct Cleaning, Go ahead and hang up the phone, if the company you are hiring is not being honest from the beginning that`s a red flag, move on to the next Air Duct Cleaning Company.

•Ask them if they can show you Before And After`s of their previous projects, If they can not provide you a Link of some of their previous projects and claiming that they have been in business for ever, that`s another red flag, hang up the phone and move on to the next Air Duct Cleaning Company.

•Ask them if you could read some of their online reviews, make sure they are listed on a legitimate review website, we all know most of the websites who publish reviews are bogus, but they are a few good ones out there like Home-stars.

•Ask them if they offer a warranty on their service, if yes ask them how long is the warranty valid? Also make sure to ask them if they do offer a free service should you not be satisfied with their services for the first time? If they don’t hang up the phone and move on to the next air duct cleaning company!

Unfortunately Air Duct Cleaning is not a regulated industry meaning anyone could buy an Air Duct Cleaning truck and call him self a Duct Cleaner, But trust me it is a lot more complicated than that!

If you Live in Toronto-Ontario and want to improve indoor air quality feel free to give us a call toll free at : 18556873878

We help you “Breathe better!


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